A Cardano Stake Pool

“We want to change the world”



PLEDGE: 402,000 ADA

POOL ID: c63dab6d780a74cbae2a27696c9723f55b3092b2bd001256df03827f
Daedalus wallet

Yoroi wallet

Know Our Mission

Why choose kBlocks?

What makes us different from others!

Ladies of Cardano

Creator and Admin of Cardano women Telegram group

First Woman SPO

We are the first stake pool on Shelley operated by a woman

Security at its best

We have world class secure networks to safeguard your ADA!

High Rewards

Our rewards are higher than Top 100 Cardano Stake Pools

Technical Specifications





Block Producer

4 Core

16 GB

256 GB SSD

Relay 1

2 Core

7 GB

128 GB SSD

Relay 2

2 Core

7 GB

128 GB SSD

Relay 3

2 Core

7 GB

128 GB SSD

• Microsoft Azure set-up • 3 different data centres in Netherlands • 1 data center in Virginia • High Speed Networking • Built in DDoS protection • Firewall security • Redundant BP Node

Women in Blockchain

“We are firm believers in the power of women and in the power of Cardano. Our technical expertise of over 35 years is set to revolutionize blockchain industry"

Managed and run by:

Shweta Chauhan

Technical Lead at Accenture

Rhea Kumar

Marketing Executive


Financial and Legal Advisor

We new friends!